Time to reflect

It’s the Thursday before Easter.  I’ve had this week off for Semana Santa.  That’s holy week in Spanish.  This is a big week for folks to take off, take a break, and for a lot of people to get wasted and do dumb stuff… kinda like saint Patrick’s day in savannah.  I’ve been so thankful […]

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How can I help?

The academy building is officially running!  We have been going strong for 3 weeks and are excited to finally be in the building this week!  There are still lots of little things that have to get finished up before the building is 100% complete. Many of you have asked me ‘What can I do to […]

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first six weeks

I’ve been in Honduras now for six weeks.  A lot can happen in six weeks!  The usual stuff is happening… here are some examples: -I’m learning Spanish.  This is very slow and humbling every day.  Every single day.  I appreciate the english language and my english grammar when suddenly my communication skills have been reduced to […]

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The One where I started a blog

Dear friends and family, I’m excited to share some big news with you.  I’m moving to Honduras! I will be joining Paul and Jessica Davis and their four girls, to serve with the BVSA Travesía ministry team.  I was first connected to this ministry in 2013 while the Davis family served in Buena Vista, Guatemala […]

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