10 months in: Nuggets of wisdom

Happy 10 months to me!  Today marks 10 months since I left the States.  So much has happened and I’ve been thinking back over this time today.  I’m so thankful for this year, even if it hasn’t been what I expected.  And here are some nuggets of wisdom for you from my past 10 months… […]

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Suggested reading

I love books.  I’ve loved reading ever since I was little.  My parents used to have to make me put down books and go outside or just do something else.  I’d stay up late at night just because I couldn’t put a book down.  It was always “just one more chapter.  just one more chapter!” […]

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A good reminder!

I’ve recently had a chance to go back to Travesía.  I’m not going to lie; it was a strange feeling to roll back into town after being gone for a few months.  So many things seemed up in the air when I left that I honestly wasn’t sure when I’d be coming back. In some […]

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Daily life

Some people wonder what happens when you’re a missionary.  What sorts of magical things do you get into every day?  What sort of adventures and excitement await you around every corner?! Well, there is excitement and adventure, but there’s also boredom, loneliness, frustration and then just every day plain old routine and doing what needs […]

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Time to reflect

It’s the Thursday before Easter.  I’ve had this week off for Semana Santa.  That’s holy week in Spanish.  This is a big week for folks to take off, take a break, and for a lot of people to get wasted and do dumb stuff… kinda like saint Patrick’s day in savannah.  I’ve been so thankful […]

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How can I help?

The academy building is officially running!  We have been going strong for 3 weeks and are excited to finally be in the building this week!  There are still lots of little things that have to get finished up before the building is 100% complete. Many of you have asked me ‘What can I do to […]

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