the good with the bad

This past month has definitely has it’s ups and downs.  Good stuff.  Bad stuff.  Crazy stuff. And I don’t know why or how but May always seems to be a rough month for me to plow through. Let me be painfully honest here:  I tend to see and only focus on the problems, not the […]

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Yaina Rosemary Ramos

This is Yaina.  She is a sweet lady who lives in Travesia and has been a part of the academy since it’s beginning.  Officially she cooks for the boys every day as part of our Training Table program.  The goal of the training table is to provide a nutritious meal for the boys. She is […]

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Don’t forget the promises

I haven’t blogged in a while.  It’s just something hard for me to do.  There’s so much always swirling around in my head… and to stop, put those things on paper so that they make sense and then share it just seems overwhelming… but I’m gonna try it anyway!  So forgive me if it’s inconsistent. […]

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Sponsor a boy in Travesia!

SPONSOR A TRAVESIA RHINO!   Would you like the chance to sponsor a Rhino in Travesia, Honduras?  We have 23 boys from the ages 10-18 years old that need your help. The Buena Vista Sports Academy provides many things to these young men of this community and we want you partner with us to change these boys […]

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2 weeks in!

the doors of la academia deportiva de travesia have been open for 2 weeks! so much has happened and to say that we’re glad to have boys practicing here would be an extreme understatement. after two tryouts, we selected our teams. it was difficult to tell those extra kids who had come out that they […]

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It’s time to start!

Things are ramping up! The goal has always been to have a soccer academy for the boys of travesia.  That has been our aim ever since coming back in December.  And it’s finally here!  We have tryouts THIS weekend and the academy will OFFICIALLY open next week!!! The past few weeks we have been refining […]

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Abandonment. There is so much of it here.  It astounds me and shocks me.  I see darkness all around me but this is the thing I keep coming back to.  It’s a local phenomenon.  Most of the kids I know in the community have been affected by it some how.  There are hardly any ‘nuclear’ […]

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Stepping across the line!

Celebration time! Peter, one of the guys who is a big influence at the academy, took some big steps on Monday!  We had some friends here from Compassion Christian Church and before they left, we had a conversation with Peter. He had lots of questions when we prayed together with the team and we wanted […]

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Pray for Honduras

Pray for Honduras. There has been lots of craziness, mistrust and discontent ever since the presidential elections in November. The results are still being contested by the opposition, the Alianza party. There have been different protests since December throughout the country. With the inauguration ceremony for the declared winner (current president Juan Orlando Hernandez) coming […]

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