Taking a break

I’ve recently come back to the States for a break. I think the technical word for this for missionaries is furlough or sabbatical. But it’s a break. It’s the time to rest, recharge, decompress, and do a reset mentally and spiritually.

After this last season of ups and downs and the recent craziness in Honduras with ongoing coronavirus issues and then the hurricanes, I’m honestly ready for the change of scenery and the rest.

I’m excited to spend time with family and friends and be here for the holidays. I’m excited to go to coffee shops and restaurants (and I’m 100% trying to sit outside and maintain my social distance… I promise). I’m excited to get cold and experience winter and wear jackets for a season! I’m excited to finally finish a few books that I’ve started this year and hopefully read a few more that I brought back with me. I’m excited to do some writing and journalling and have the high (and probably unrealistic) goal of trying to fill up my current journal during this furlough season.

I’ve come to expect some culture shock when I return to the US and here’s a few things that always throw me off or distract me initially:

-the streets, roads and highways are so clean, organized and well maintained!

-traffic is calm and orderly! I have to remind myself to not drive crazy or super defensive here.

-I love that I can sit outside at a coffee shop in peace and not get asked for money or the constant noise of people, cars and animals on a busy road.

-It’s quiet here. At least at night. I’m used to hearing noises outside like the ocean, dogs, motorcycles or trucks or loud music and people. But I hear none of that and it’s taking some getting used to.

-I love all the options at the grocery store. I’m trying to pace myself with what I eat and not totally binge on food that I haven’t had in a while. Honestly I’ve been super excited for a wider range of fruits and veggies. I love how easy it is to buy a bag salad. It’s so simple and easy to have access to healthy salad already cut, cleaned, prepped and bagged! It’s the simple things in life…

This furlough is a time of rest so that I can return back to Honduras stronger and recharged for another season of ministry. It reminds me of running a marathon. Often runners don’t run the entire race (at least average slow runners like me!). What makes the marathon survivable is the fact that you’ll take a few walk breaks in the race where you drink some water or gatorade and maybe have a energy bar or something. That gives you the motivation to keep going and to endure when it gets tough and weary. That’s what furlough is… a respite from the mission field. An opportunity to grow stronger and return to the field healthier and energized to get back into the fight. That’s my hope and prayer for this time! Please join me in praying for recharge and growth during this season of furlough.

3 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. Amen, Amen, and Amen… So glad to hear that you’re on a “water break” in the marathon of mission work. Seriously, my prayers are going up that it’s just what it needs to be.


  2. So happy for u and your family that your home for a time. This will give u new eyes and renewed strength of mind, body and soul for you and your mission field.

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  3. Jason
    Glad you are able to take a break! We are praying for you time of refresh, renew and recharge.

    Merry Christmas!

    Michele Swails
    Ministry Assistant to Discipleship
    Compassion Christian Church

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