Hurricanes & lots of water!

2020 just keeps on throwing punches! Central America was hit with two major hurricanes back to back in the past few weeks. And as a result of Eta and Iota there’s lots of displaced families and destruction in Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

According to some information recently released (November 20) by the Honduran Foreign Minister:

-276,000 people have been evacuated

-123,000 people rescued from flooding waters

-130,000 people in shelters

-35,000 homes have been destroyed

-57 bridges have been damaged

Someone else cited the UN saying that out of the 9.1 million people in Honduras 2.1 million are without basic food security and 717,000 are with basic access to water, sanitation and hygiene services. Here’s the UN article (available in English & Spanish) with some of the stats they released after Hurricane Eta… it doesn’t include the additional impact of Hurricane Iota but you get the idea.

I’m so thankful that at least our community of Travesia received minimal impact from the storms. There was flooding in communities all around us and a little bit in Travesia, but nothing compared to other areas of the country. At our academy we had winds and rain. I think we had the most rain we’ve ever from just one storm… I’d guesstimate at least 36-48 inches!

Please pray for the thousands of people in Honduras who have lost everything and had their lives upended by these storms! Honduras is already the second poorest country in Central America with the majority of its people living day to day. So when a disaster like this hits it takes years for those affected to recover.

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