Help us change a community: 2019 Sponsorships



Would you like the chance to sponsor a Rhino (student at our academy) in Travesia, Honduras?  We have 23 boys from the ages 10-18 years old that need your help. The Buena Vista Sports Academy provides many things to these young men of this community and we want you partner with us to change these boys lives.

A vital part of our mission is the Training Table. This program allows us to give them a healthy meal every day and sometimes a snack. Because of the extreme poverty and lack of care in this area, this may be the only hearty meal that some of these boys have all day.

The boys also have the opportunity to receive homework assistance, tutoring and continuing education at the academy.  During class time, we focus on their homework and give extra attention that they need to improve their academic performance.  We want the boys to excel in the classroom and on the field!

With our soccer program, we have two hours of practice, conditioning and coaching.  Soccer is THE sport in Central America.  And the boys in Travesia love soccer!

We also offer a Hygiene program for our Rhinos. We have a locker room with showers, lockers, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and hot water.  After ever practice and game, the boys can take showers, brush their teeth, and just feel cleaner.  This is a dusty, dirty place and we want to help them stay healthy.

The most important part of our day is the Devotional time.  We spend time every day talking with the boys about Jesus through a devotional or stories from the Bible.  This is where we want to help them start or deepen a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We can help them a little bit, but ultimately we want to point them to the one who can change the life and bring them a new hope and freedom!



In order to run the academy and provide all these things we need your help!  To sponsor a Rhino, all you have to do is support the academy with a suggested donation of $40.00 a month.  This amount will cover the costs (described below) for each boy.  We want you to be a part of their lives through your sponsorship and also support them with by consistently praying for them.

So, below are bios of some of our boys. Please read their bios and contact me if you are interested in sponsoring a boy!  Once we’ve confirmed that your particular boy still needs a sponsor, you can click this link  to be directed to our paypal page to set up donations.  Please be sure to include a note that it’s for the “Honduras Academy” and which boy it is for.  Also, if you would to support them with more than $40 monthly, the extra donations will go towards extra activities for the boys and extra costs that periodically arise.

Thanks for partnering with us and praying for these village in this little corner of the world!


  1. Healthy meal five days a week: Clean water with each meal
    • Meat and vegetables with each meal
  2. Clean drinking water is always available at the academy (most boys don’t have clean drinking water in their homes).
  3. Classroom and tutoring supplies to help them advance and succeed in school.
  4. Proper hygiene care:
    • A hot shower 3-4 times a week
    • Washing hands
    • Brushing teeth
    • Skin Care


THANK YOU!!!! All Rhinos have been sponsored!!!!




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