Planting coconuts

Life is continuing.  We are back in Travesia.

Boudreaux can live anywhere as long as he has a ball to fetch!

It’s been strange and kinda surreal to finally be back here.  After 7 months living, working and doing language school in Guatemala.  After quick monthly trips over to check on the academy and some local friends.  After lots of prayer and preparations… I’m back!

I’ve been planting coconuts too since coming back.  There’s some coconut trees on the property and so there’s always a few coconuts on the ground and plenty still up in the trees.  It’s a fun hobby and even more than that, I appreciate the patience required before you see any actual fruit from your work.  Here’s how it works.  Often after the coconuts fall to the ground, if left alone, they will sprout roots and a few leaves.  From this point you can just plant them in the ground and wait.  Wait for actually six to ten years before the tree is big enough to produce its first fruit. But when it starts producing, most coconut trees can yield up to 75 coconuts per year!

The time and patience required to see your coconut tree bear fruit reminds me of what God is doing now and promises to do in the future in Travesía.  He wants to see profound, lasting change in this community that will not be short-lived, but will be generational!  This will not be a quick job that can be accomplished in 6 months or a few years.  It will take years and years and years!  And most likely I won’t see the biggest impact of that change in my life or during my time here in Travesía.  But, I trust him and trust the seeds that have been planted now and the fruit that God is preparing for this community.  Planting coconuts reminds me to be patient.  It reminds me that 7 months away from here is just the blink of an eye from God’s perspective.  It’s not a mountain that we have to conquer again; it’s just a speed bump that we’re going to roll right over.


Being back, I’m learning again what it means to live here.  To be a part of this community and reconnect with friends and the boys who were a part of the academy again.  God is reminding me that he is faithful.  We have had several instances already where we’ve met some new friends or been connected to some few folks locally who are very willing and able to help us.  God is making a way in the wilderness and he is making streams in the deserts! (Isaiah 43:19) God is providing friends and contacts and this is just another way that he’s reminding me personally that he has never left this place and has been preparing for our return for a long time.

Thank you for praying for me, encouraging me and being a part of this!  We are planting fruit that will last and make an impact in eternity.  You can already see some of the ripples of this impact now!   “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last – and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.”  John 15:16


Taken right after the Fosters, Axel and I got back in Travesia a few weeks ago.  See all our ‘stuff’ in the back of the truck!

2 thoughts on “Planting coconuts

  1. Jason just want you to know
    That we are praying for Honduras and for you all. God blessed you and thank you sooo much to you all . and everyone that is supporting this ministry in Honduras. Say hi to everyone and please be careful during this difícult time in Honduras . Be safe and God blesses you🙏🏻


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