BVSA Honduras is getting ready to relaunch!


It’s just around the corner!  That thing that we have prayed about, talked about, thought about, cried about, dreamed about…BVSA Honduras !

We have been working for months to get things ready to go again and it’s so close.




For the last several months, I have been a participant in BVSA’s first Missionary Training Program here at BVSA Guatemala.  It has been an intensive, daily program specifically targeting the two areas of a) Life/Missionary Training, and b) BVSA Operational Training.

The Life Training emphasis has covered areas such as: The Great Commission, What to Expect in the Mission Field, Language and Immersion, Financial Integrity, the Impact of Missions on the Family, Crossing Cultures, Safety and Security, When Helping Hurts, and much more.

The BVSA Operational emphasis has covered areas such as: BVSA’s Core Documents (Planting Procedures and Financial Integrity), Administration, Daily Devotionals, Soccer Program, Education Program, Nutrition & Hygiene, and Hosting Mission Teams.

The program has been a time of intense learning and growing and I feel so much more prepared to head back to Honduras!  I’ve been a part of every aspect of the Academy and have seen the everyday details behind what goes on and the big picture behind it all.



Our plan is for myself, Axel and the Foster family (Jeremy, Maria, Alek, & Jackson) to return to Honduras in January. We will begin working in the community, getting the academy ready, readjusting to life in Honduras.  We will then have tryouts and launch the academy in March or April 2018.

As you can imagine, there’s so much that it takes to get things going again!  We’re working daily towards the goal of having a fun, life changing, generation-altering academy in a spiritually dark place that desperately needs the healing power of Jesus.

Here’s just a few of the nitty gritty details that includes:  thinking about who will be working there locally, how we’ll do lunches again, preparing a soccer field at the academy, supplying uniforms, shoes, balls and all equipment to practice soccer, and so much more!



I’d like you to partner with us once again in this exciting and life changing venture.  Your faithfulness and consistent giving and prayer is vital!  God is active and moving in Travesia and I would love for you to partner with us and together let’s see God redeem a lost people and bring light to a dark corner of the world!  Will you please pray about how you could be involved with us and about becoming a monthly supporter?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.    If you decide you would like to partner with us, please take a look at this great blog that Brock put together.  He shares his thoughts over our preparation and training and specifically how to give towards BVSA Honduras.  Read his blog and how to give here.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!  God has given us a dream for Honduras.  It was a dream in his heart and he is sharing it with us!  Together, let’s see this dream become reality!



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