How can I help?

img_5985The academy building is officially running!  We have been going strong for 3 weeks and are excited to finally be in the building this week!  There are still lots of little things that have to get finished up before the building is 100% complete.


Many of you have asked me ‘What can I do to help?’ or ‘Let me know if you need anything!’.

Well now is your time to shine!  Here’s our list of what we need to get the Academy up and running.  Please consider being a direct part of that!


BVSA Travesía Needs

Locker Room: Estimated Cost:
towels, soap dispensers, hand dryer, shower curtains and rods $400
benches $150
mats $100
tables and chairs $500
rugs, curtain, and rods $150
10 computers $250 each
school supplies, manipulatives, games, books, etc.

Air conditioner



Dining Area:  
tables and chairs $600
Plates, silverware, large pots and pans, etc. $400
Weight Room:  
treadmill $1000
benches $500
weights $4500
mirrors $300
other equipment (kettle bells, ropes, medicine balls, etc.) $1000
mats $500


If any of these things strike your fancy and you want to help out, then go here and please write in the memo what item your donation is for.

You may also send checks made out to: Deepstream Life and mail to: 463 Pooler Pkwy #375, Pooler, GA 31322.


Thank you for praying, commenting and staying in touch!  It means so much to me and our team to be a part of a larger team with you!  Thank you for investing in individual lives!  We believe that God is working in a big way and will change this village through these boys.


One thought on “How can I help?

  1. Hi Jason! I have just started reading your posts! You are doing amazing work and I want to help! Will there be a group coming to visit you thru Global Encounter? I would really love to come and see and experience the work that you are doing. Many blessings my friend. I look forward to reading more about how God is working thru you in a BIG way to change an entire village!


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